In 1974, Jorge Arias Carle, created is the first service company such as Export Agency.

This new business was characterized to offer an excellent service in shipping and port market, which at the beginning of the 80s, increased exports of fresh fruits commodities in our country, and develop specialized services related to this business area.

Mr. Jorge Carle Arias with a business vision, bet on the growth of horticultural exporters and expanded its services to the Stevedoring, ensuring quality and technology to the growing export market. With this advance in business in 1981 began as Ship Agents and Container's Operator, further expanding its range of maritime services.

Currently Carle & Cía., offers a integral service, in which the client has to deal with one company for their business transactions, it makes more expeditious negotiation, thus generating a better relationship and greater confidence in our services.

- Brokerage Ships / Ships Agency
- Port Operations / Agency Docking
- Export Custom Agency

In any of these maritime and port operations, our customers can be assured that Carle & Cia., can be  a solution to their business needs, delivering quality and safety in all its services.


Port of Valparaíso

- Shipping Planning
- Announced Ships
- Ships on Tour
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